Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What's Wrong with the Computer?!

It came without portents. The new nirvana I found in my net experience had turned into agony when my monitor suddenly flickered; the blue screen signaled a VXD error. Though not new to this computer error since I had encountered it several times in the past but not without an easy solution like a simple restart, this innocuous computer glitch metamorphosed into a phantom dragon, in need to be slaught.

It breathed out fire. It saw havoc in my PC's circuitry when a friend, a computer technician and whom I sought help for a reliable cd-rom at that time, treated the error as a sign that my computer needed a new installation of an operation system.

I, confident that my friend's technical expertise was better compared with mine, just sat behind the scene and watched as my harddisk undergo formatting for the setting up of a new OS.

And there began the end of my long romance with my computer. The birth of the ghost dragon in the guise of VXD error. After the formatting, my computer was never the same again. It was as if it turned into a scrap hardware, useless.

Strategies to revive it came with taking from the slots the modem, sound and USB cards; even one of the memory cards was removed to an extent. This was to help the easy setup of the OS with the only basic hardware intact to avoid complex errors as my friend told me.

Yet, the process resulted without success. We attempted repeatedly to install an OS, which typically gives a positive outcome on the first try, byt the pesky VXD errors had hounded us like a sniffing dog. It did not help that great amount of time had been consumed just to do it.

What do we have to do? The exercise had led us to a dead-end. What options do we still have in our arsenal of computer repair know-how? We have run out of ideas already. Our heads throbbed in painful brainstorming to resolve the case. A slew of vexing errors had barraged us:VXD, VMM VFAT and fatal exceptions errors. What is wrong with the computer?!

In the world of computer hardware/software repair, malfunctioning components are thrown away and replaced by new ones. But where would we start?

In the end, I had to solve the problem alone. With the patience of a mule plodding on a muddy field, I did my share of useless attempts for a successful OS setup. Though, it paid a minimum dividend later on.

As of this writing, there is already an OS, Windows 98, installed in my computer. Of course, not without encountering the errors mentioned above.

The dragon that needs to be beheaded, unfortunately, still breathes out fierce burning fire in the circuitry of my computer. The PC would function normally for two to three minutes, then without warning, comes to a screetching halt.

Then comes the realization that my net journey would have to come in an agonizing halt, too.
To the tech savvy readers out there who happens to read this post, can someone tell me what these VXD errors are all about?

For the meantime, I have to force myself from running amuck due to extreme annoyance as I find a way out out of this computer glitch.

Note: This should have been posted last February 25th for an obvious reason. My computer now runs in XP and so far, as I have encoded this, there is no glitch yet that has pestered me anew. But things are still under observation.

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