Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I've finally collected myself. Been trying to sleep the whole day but the heat of March had kept me sweating, and I dont know if I was able to sleep while lying on the sofa for couple of hours.

I am stucked with the short fiction I'm working on now, though an encouraging prospect for submission of another story is at hand. I had a short story written a couple of years ago but the electronic copy I had was hacked from my computer. In desperate attempt to find a hard copy, I rummaged into my old files like a man whose life depended on it. And, it almost made me insane to find a draft written way back '97. I thought, I have to retrace the steps I made on that story.

Anyway, sometimes it pays a good dividend in being nosy and sleuthing on the archives of bloggers to find valuable information that can benefit me. :)

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