Friday, March 18, 2005

A Short Action Scene

This happened about a couple of months ago. My buddies and I talked about the details of the story over bottles of Red Horse as it was the latest distraction from an otherwise ordinary days in the subdivision.

Jonas got involved again in trouble. Now for the readers to have an idea who Jonas is, he is a burly tough guy who seems will never get thin from all the speed he peddles around even if he used them all and stayed awake for months. As a backgrounder, he sneaked out of the jail a week before his release and been involved in gun running. He tried once to snatch the shotgun of the young guard we have here in the subdivision, though when he had grabbed it and was about to pull the trigger to blast the poor guard, the latter, by training or pure instinct, held the shotgun just in the right place so Jonas could not squeeze the trigger. That saved our street being splattered with blood.

The trouble happened one afternoon. Jonas was having a drink with some of the men here under the trees beside the basketball court. Another version said that he was not. He just tried to pacify the inebriated arguing parties when his good intention brought him in the middle of the ruckus. There was an argument. Julius ran in his billiard hall to get his samurai, knowing a fight would ensue. Cielo right-hooked Jonas who deftly parried it. Dante aka Tenga followed up with a straight punch that landed straight at Jonas face. Julius, back, ran towards Jonas and whacked him twice with his samurai that only bounced. Jonas, slightly shakened, stepped back, stooping and got his short knife behind him, tucked under his jeans. His Danao-made caliber .38 dropped on the ground in the process. Jonas swung his knife in an upward curve at Dante who, upon seeing the glint of the blade, jumped to turn around and avoid the thrust. Jonas got him in the buttocks. Cielo picked the gun, hopped a couple of meters away and pulled the trigger at Jonas. The sonofabitch Danao-made gun just clicked. Jonas stood still without any intention of scrambling for safety. Cielo pulled the trigger twice. It fired but it did not hit Jonas. Julius, Cielo and Dante aka Tenga, with bleeding butt, scampered away then. Jonas too ran out of the scene.

One of my buddies said as we talked about it: "Me agimat ata yun, 'tol."

"Swete lang yun," another said. "Kabado kasi si Cielo."

Then somebody blurted: "Putang-inang mga tao yan! Araw-araw magkakasama, sila-sila pa magpapatayan."

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