Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tidbits of Thoughts

As I ponder about the journey I am taking in on developing my story-telling skills, I cannot argue the benefits given by the research on how to deliver, rather I would say, how to write better. There has been for the last several days loads of tips on writing well. And, it is no doubt, brought a lot of insight on the craft.

Yet, as barrage of these writing tips flood into my thoughts, dissecting my writing prowess to an extent, formulating on the way on how to say what I want to say in my writings, my question now is whether are these pointers directing me toward a style that does not echo my true voice?

If I've written something standing on the foundation of these 'better writing' style or delivery, could I have not been true to myself?

I used to, and I am still, measure a good writing from the books that I have read. The focus alone is on the context of pure tone, cadence, and natural voice of the writer. Now, with the advent of these dissection tools, the simple question for example of whether to use long sentences over the more recommended short ones, is being debated, an issue that I find superficial. It is my reason that it is on the discretion of the writer to see what fits his style and if needed in his narrative or story telling to give a better impact on the reader.

Ah, gonna talk about it when everything has settled in my head.

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