Thursday, March 31, 2005

Summer Siesta

It is usually this time, after having lunch, when stupor and the gravity of the bed, or cot, or the humble sofa for that matter, the greatest. After starting the day loitering in the net, checking some mails and online friends, straying from blogsites of other bloggers, and doing some scribblings for a story, the call for a break seems reasonable.

But these days, it is not only the after-effect langour caused by lunch begging me for a siesta. It is the heat of summer March. (As I write this, the electric fan is trained at me, to prevent me from sweating too much.) I never felt this weather hotter than before.

Before Holy Week came, it had rained and the sky overcast, that I thought this summer would be different, as if were June because of the weather. But no. In the middle of the holiday, the sun scourged the earth furiously. Philippine summer has indeed formally already arrived, and I'm sweating most of the time. Plus, the attempt to circumvent siesta by drinking a mug of coffee aggravated the heat I am experiencing.

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