Thursday, March 31, 2005

Getting a Recharge

Sometimes, when both body and mind would not budge to get you going, due to fatigue or sheer laziness, it helps when you take a leisure surfing in the net and stumble on good reads (not specifically fiction or heavy essays) and feel a spark in your mind pondering again like a well-oiled thinking machine.

With the stultifying effect of summer that pulls you into languor, and you are woozy with the heat, it's almost insurmountable not to succumb to its effect. Your brain motor stops to work and you are helpless like an inebriated man who could easily find comfort on the gutter just to have a rest.

For a while, I felt just exactly like this. Dunno if its fatigue, with all that efforts to be creatively productive and my head heavy raking my brain for that so-called "good writing" lessons I learned from experience and also from the barrage of taking notes on new writing tips, my body just gave in. I could not go on further. The load was too much for me.

So, probably I copped-out by taking my time, a breather that lasted for couple or several days just letting things settle first in my head before continuing. I wantonly wasted my time in front of the tube, channel surfing since I could barely stand the programs that almost always gave me garbage. Or merely drinking coffee and smoking consecutive cigarettes, staring in the street to while time, until I feel nausea and on the brink of throwing up.

Then, came the leisure electronic walk in the net. I mentioned above that stumbling on a good read, didn't I? Yes, that exactly what happened. Little did I know that a simple good read brought back the energy that I needed just to go on writing.

I may be still tired, yet my cerebral capacity to think has been recharged. I look around in the street, at the children playing, the mothers chatting for the latest gossips, and the rest of other activities going on, and I can see them clearer now.

And somehow, as I sit in front of my monitor, I can pound the keyboards again with relative confidence with something sensible to say.

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