Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some Concerns

I'm not really sure if it's definite, but I was told that there is already a buyer for this pc. So, any day starting from now, there is a queasy feeling in my stomach that I will not have a pc for a long while. Posting in this blog will sparse, if not rare. But my main concern is how would I continue writing those stories that I have been doing lately. That must be where the blow of lacking a pc would hit me hard. Anyway, as there hover an invisible counter on this blogger's head tic tac toeing into a metaphorical countdown as to when the pc I'm using will be gone, I hope this is not yet the last post before the long silence.

Going to the stories that I have been writing, I'm stuck writing The Second Flash of Blankness. After having done several revisions for the partial draft and reading it the day after, I said to myself: What the fuck have I written! The prose is obviously neat, in a way, but drat! what's the point of the story and there is hardly any movement by the protagonist, even the plot is so flat any amateur reader would notice the linear style that I have done on it. And in the first place, the look of the story, of how it is written now, is not the vision that I had when I first thought of writing the story. The geography of the story is far from where I would have had wanted it to be.

I wanted the story to be like one-act-play where the actions and the message or the crux of the story will happen in just one sweep, no straying and procrastinating as it unfolds the meat of my thoughts.

But, probably, I just come short of delivering it right.

Regarding an old short story (Vigilante: Anatomy of Infinite Worlds) that I intend to submit to a prospective online publisher, I have done a good light revision on the intro. Though, it is still a long way to go before I can really have a good copy of it since what I have in hand is a 1997 draft, something that made me almost insane because I have another better written draft written in 1992 and I was trying to rummage for it in my old files but to no avail. So, bearing with the fact that this '97 draft is all that is left of that story, I have to retrace that path I did on the other draft.

And all these efforts will be put on hold due to the plans to sell the pc I'm using. Ah, gonna post the intro for Vigilante so the readers will have a good idea of what it is all about.

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