Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Thinking Slow

For the past two days, all he did was to sleep. It seemed he had slept for a long time and been tired so bad that he could afford to slept all that time. He had been awake only for several hours then yet it seemed he was still asleep during that time that he concluded that he had been asleep all those times. He had been thinking hard prior before he slept, thinking so hard and so fast he felt he had been running to keep abreast with what he was thinking and how he thought that he felt his mind was about to blow, or if not, he would start running with only his jockey on out in his room into the living room or maybe into the street, begging everybody to make him stop thinking. He had wanted to stop thinking so when he was able to sleep two days ago, he slept continuously even if there were times when he was awake to light a cigarette and smoke and had a good drag. Now, he is awake and thinking, though he thinks clear and slow now and can keep abreast with his thoughts that it feels fine. It feels fine to think clear and slow. It is a good feeling.

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