Friday, May 13, 2005

Seaching for the Book: Live to Tell the Tale

I could not help myself to slap my forehead at what stupidity I've done this early evening at Powerbooks. I was planning to buy the recent published autobiography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What stuck in my mind as the title of the book was Live to Tell the Tale.

Now, roaming around the bookstore, resisting the short-cut to approach the sales personnels, I looked for the book by myself. I was also killing time and browsing for other interesting book so roaming aimslessly around was a nice thing to do.

But I soon found myself asking a sales personnel for an assistance. I told myself that I would roam around after my purchase. And then, as the readers expect what happened, the sales personnel had a hard time searching their database for the book. Drat! How could the sales personnel find the book when the title was wrong.

After half an hour, standing at the counter and the poor sales personnel twisting her search style and even calling the nearby branch for that book, I was told that probably the book was already sold out.

"Would you want to make a reservation, sir," the sales personnel told me.

"No, it's okay," I replied. "I would try National Bookstore."

Then, there it happened. The discovery of what a bummer I did there in Powerbooks.

In National Bookstore, I was still saying to the sales ladies that I was looking for the book of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Live to Tell the Tale.

I only got to my right senses when a sales lady handed me the book and reading the title, I could not help but shrugged. It was Living to Tell the Tale.

I paid for the book, grinning from ear to ear at what an obvious lapse of memory I had in recalling the title of the book.

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