Tuesday, May 17, 2005


What if you struggle in oblivion, trying to interpret the world according to the color of lens of your perception? When you talk to the people around you, they cannot understand the things that you say or you sense that they have no idea what it is that you are trying to relay. Nobody gets you. You see a different world. Even if you and them live in the same neighborhood, it is as if you’re from a different galaxy, light years apart.

What is more difficult when you are in a struggle to something sensible and nobody appreciate it?

Yet, as I think now, it is not important when you are in the early part of your struggle to be noticed by the world. Or it is important that they promptly understand you. For everything that you will say, if you knew it is the truest of what you see, the time will come when they will be clear.

And it is during this time when the world will notice you. It is also during this time that they will notice that everything that you have said is something they would have had in thoughts, something that is true as if it came from them.

The only difference is you are the one who took the time to look at these things they ignored. And they falsely call you talented and gifted.


How do you know if you’re still thinking right? How can you say you’re drowning in your own world, reading the world like a newspaper so intent and close that your face kisses the pages and the black ink looms larger and a blur and drowning you?

Logical check and balance in our pursuit of reality:

1) Challenge your views by talking to the people around you. They may have a good insight of what is the real or better world.

2) Do something and stop staring at the nothingness, sitting on your ass all day. Swim to the surface, probably you’re drowning.

* * * * *

Sometimes, there is one question that repeatedly bugs me: Why do I write this way? Why can’t I civilized my writing?

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