Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Civilize My Writing

There are times when I feel that my writing style does not conform to the 'civilized' form of writing as general readers define what is good writing and interesting to read. One possible reason is I write without any consideration whether the reader gets my point or not.

Most of my writing, or the posts I make here in my blog, are labyrinth ramblings of a soul trying to find his voice. So if a roaming blogger landed on the pages of my blog and read several posts I made here, he might find them uninteresting, vague, even to the point that he might say to himself: What the hell is he talking about ?

My posts are usually notes (lately written haphazardly due to the lack of time to concentrate, in spite of a good whole free day enough for me to compose a decent pseudo-article.) That is the problem when you have lots of time in your hands; it gives you more reason to procrastinate and delay the things you ought to do.

Well, this degradation on my writing can be also attributed to the fact that I have no computer in the house, and the place I use to write in long hand (the next door beside our house) is under renovation. I would not say that I succumbed to the blows of circumstances, but I'll just consider myself reeling from its blows. It is hard when circumstances, plus my being a natural lazy person, push me to pass the days just jotting down notes and desperately call them 'writings.'

One of these days, I will sit again in front of a blank sheet of paper, take my time, write decently, clear and true as I can, then alot a good time for rewriting, then, finally, finally, I can then call it a good writing.

For now, these little notes would be enough.

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