Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cheers Once More Jack Kerouac

To the writer who taught me how to yak, speed-type as my mind drove me mad as if chased by bugs; to the writer who wrote about Big Sur that I eagerly read at the last seat of an air-conditioned bus from Cubao; the writer who told the dizzying love story about Leo Percepeid, Mardou Fox and Yuri Gligoric; the one who brought to me the idea of Buddhism, the Dharma and Satori (was it Satori in Mexico or Satori in Paris as if Lovers in Paris (guffaw); schoolmate? of Thomas Pynchon or was it Richard Farina? Thomas creator of Gravity’s Rainbow and the marvelous characters like Tyrone Slothrop, Captain Blicero, Roger Mexico and Tantivy… drat! I’m drifting here… here’s once more Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs’ song for you:

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