Monday, July 16, 2007

A Young Creative Passed Away

I rarely read my links in my blog due to the reason that I don’t have the means: no internet access in my home computer.

But recently, I visited the blogsite of Dean Alfar, dated July 9. There’s a bad news. A young poet by the name of Ana Neri just passed away.

No, I don’t personally know Ana Neri, nor heard of her name until I read Dean’s post. Yet, in this young creative heart of mine, there is something that bleeds for the passing of this young creative person.

I know in the first place how they (the creative people) dream of making it big in the literary scene in this country and probably internationally. On how they aim of someday publishing a book with their name on its cover and between its covers all they learned from this world, sharing their one dime of wisdom to ardent readers of theirs.

It is sad. I am sad. Even though I didn’t hear of Ana Neri before, I know it is a lost for everyone of us. Here we are on a race and practicing our craft or trying to plan to write someday our masterpieces, yet when someone among us creative people bite the dust it’s a lost through and through for the community of writers and poets. And for the whole humanity who think and feel.

I might have no rights to say this, but Ana Neri how I wish you have stayed a little longer.

See you at the crossroad.

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