Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Miss

I recently had an interview with an editor looking for a staff-writer/associate editor. The text that I received a week prior to the interview proper was promising. The text message that was sent to me told me to visit a certain site in the Internet and study it. The site is all about hardware a techno geek would drool over having his hands on. The site deals about the latest computer processors, laptops, mobile phones, mp3 players, gaming rigs, and even the not-so exciting projectors.

It was my first time to get a schedule for a job interview with a gap of a week after the sought announcement. And the text message instructed me to study. Yes, to study. I said to myself that this prospective employer is different since it was like a college professor ordering me to cram for what seemed to be a Final Exam.

Without an Internet access and cash strapped, I went back and forth at Netopia to copy paste the site’s new articles, laptop reviews, and everything that I thought important for the exam (prospective employers usually say it is an interview but that comes after the exam and a week at least of waiting).

Indeed I learned about the ongoing trend in personal computing merging with home entertainment; HDTV, that’s High Definition TV for you, as the coming craze for us techno consumers; Intel’s Centrino Processor evolves into a more efficient Core 2 Duo, and, like every military intelligent operations, they have codenames. Carmel for Centrino I think and the latter Banias, if my memory serves me right.

It was only unfortunate that the 10-item first-part exam wanted a more deep knowledge of IT, something that only a special few knows like an esoteric teachings. But I’m getting ahead of my story.

There is nothing more exciting to review and get abreast of than music other than the fast-pace, bullet-speed (at the speed rate of 18 months at the average) continuous evolution of Information Technology. There is always something new coming out: faster, better, and sleeker. If music critics are always being dumped by bad albums and sample music from upcoming bands which make them frown at their reviews, I can only think that that is rare to happen in the IT industry. In IT industry, there is only one direction it is heading: innovation and perfection. It is like a sound heavy-laden with riffs that keep on getting perfected and rearrange to the benefit of tranced listeners.

When it finally got to the day that I got drilled by questions by the editor, everything suddenly came crushing down on me. I am left behind by the times. The first question thrown at me was whether I know how to assemble a PC. Good God! I know but never did it alone. I looked like a wet chicken who didn’t know anything about computers. My mouth dried, I hardly could speak and lost the confidence to say my piece in style.

But I yakked all the way till the end of the interview about what little do I know about computers. I don’t know if the editor was still listening in awe or in frustration.

In the end, the exams was shoved toward me and told to take them home. A disaster. I know.

But boy, how did I studied for that interview.

You know the end of the story of course.

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