Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Walang Nagbago

It is always been my philosophy to look at the world with a half-full of glass of water rather looking at it as half-empty. This is the foundation of me being an inveterate optimist. Optimists they say see the opportunity in ever difficulties, while the pessimists are those who see the difficulties in ever opportunity – a well said adage.

I have written about this issue on my first – and hope not to be the last – column in the now defunct The Edge magazine.

I have seen individual’s faith to see the world in this positive light faltered and totally been destroyed. I see them as old grumpy old people always bemoaning the state of everything in this land in a total mess and the lack of good people to turn it around.

Ever time you talk to them, they are those who never cease to pick on the government’s shortcomings in making this nation a better one, making jobs for the unemployed. What’s more is that they fail to appreciate the talents of every individual making a name for himself because of hardwork and a little help from some people.

If you would talk to these kind of people and listen to their pessimistic view of the world, it is better if you just keep your distance from them since listening to them can only hypnotize you to think the way they do.

To think, they are the mediocre type of people and much worse they are those who are a failure to themselves. So what they are doing to the younger generation is passing their personal frustration through negative opinions and comments about everything. Misery loves company so they say, and basically these people are in misery and could not contain it so they pass it on every person they mingle with.

What do they people don’t know or fail to know is that the world, from the time they are born didn’t chance a little bit. Life is still hard. Making a living is still a struggle in a day to day basis. But this is not a reason to think that life is not beautiful.

They forget the times when they are young and everything was coming their way. They don’t remember their childhood years when the world is a happy place to live in because they are having fun playing and winning. The lost they suffered they endured like dust shaken off their shoulders and continue seeing the world as a happy place.

No, they no longer remember that.

In the years that would follow, their innate optimism is rocked and beaten with how hard life is to live in the adult world. Thus, they forget what they learned when they are young and what the world had taught them. They are eaten up by their own failures, which they should have, like children, shake like dust off their shoulders so they could walk through life with a happy face and composure.
Yes, they forget this valuable lesson.

They forget that life is really tough but not tough to beat with a positive outlook in life. Nothing has changed as I said. It is only how you look at the world that has changed.

"Walang nagbago," as the lyrics of one of the songs of Eraserheads say.

If you want to spare yourself from this subtle misery of being pessimistic, you better take a second look at the world and probably by then, you can see and choose to see the world in a half-full glass than half-empty.

The Pistons Pummeled Once Again the Bulls

It’s 2-0 in favor of the Pistons against the Bulls.

As coach/commentator Doug Collins says the Pistons is like a well-oiled machine functioning perfectly. The Pistons throughout their Game 2 game against the Bulls is a perfect team offensively and defensively speaking.

You cannot see any flaws in them and you wonder whether there is any other team out there that can match their composure and military precision plays. The Pistons’ players are perfectly skilled worker in the court.

Oh, can’t wait to see the series end up in 4-0 in favor of the Pistons being a fan of this team.

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