Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Journey Continues

A while ago, for sure brought by a bottle of a san mig lights, I was planning to yak about the concerns of the heart (specifically mine)... but it seems it does not matter now. The effect of the beer has waned and I can right now think of my true concern, the concern that define and the reason why in the first place I'm here in a small publishing trying to hone my language.

Though, I can say that I write everyday, I say that those written productions are really not the product of the soul by rather the product brought about by the necessity to perform to continue call myself as one who is employed.

So far, my language, inch by inch, is evolving (I think). Compliments come from my peers about my prose, though, of course, as they say, there are still some slight adjustments that I have to do, especially on my choice of words. On this matter, I recall what Dean Alfar commented on my rejected entry for his speculative fiction anthology that I had a bad choice in picking words or to that effect.

Well, what can you do. The journey still continues. Everyday, I hope, and see to it, that one way or another, I'm learning something new.

As I mentioned to one of my officemate here, I'm not really working for the money. What I can't say to him is I'm doing an apprentice job of learning the basics of the language.

Concerning about money, that will come sooner. Or probably not. But the beauty of it all is knowing why you are here in the world in the first place. Knowing the vocation that God or fate has bestowed on you.

And so the journey continues.......

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