Saturday, April 09, 2005

Second Lease of Life

My time right now is short and not enough to elaborate the action, violent experience I have had several days ago, me, almost tittering on the brink of dying, or rather getting killed. There is no replacement to see Death before His eyes other than committing yourself into his scythe, through the participation of lawless scumbags that are ready to kill you without conscience or vacillation. Yet, all I could remember is to die with dignity, die with my feet standing and forsake living with kneels folded. What did Hemingway said about it? The worse that they can do to you is kill you. Well, they didn't, and living a life like a boy, boyish and always preferring peace is already over. It seems there is nothing that can daunt your spirit. You've stared at the eyes of Death and it is already like dying. This is already my second lease of life. Death no longer frightens me. I'm already ready.

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