Monday, April 04, 2005

No Pc, No Blog.... But There's the Net Cafe

This is the first day that I don’t have a PC at home. The routine of waking up and booting on the computer and logging on to check my mails and scribble something for my blog has changed into a mere ritual of having a mug of coffee, a couple of stick of cigarette for my nicotine dose, and staring blankly at space.

Even though the computer table in my room looks miserable without the CPU below, and my fingers feeling the urge to pound on the keyboard and yak something out, which would eventually end as a pos for my blog, everything is not lost.

Though rare it would be, I can still post something here by going to net cafes and have my slice of flitting net pleasure there.

I’m lucky that I’m in my part-time job as a programmer here in Navotas and have a free use of a computer and later on rent an access to the net so I could post this short rambling of my thoughts.

Everything is still okay.

On the sketch pad: I plan to go to my own so-called training camp in Taguig, in the house of my older brother, where there is no inhabitant most of the day. There I can continue rewriting my long due project short story.

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