Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mafia Wars: No More Robbery Makes the Game a Senseless Clicking of the Mouse

I’ve written already in my previous post that it is useless and I may add that attacking a rival mafia player is stupid and waste of time. Why is this so? When you are poised to attack him, you surely gauge his capacity to repel your attack according to the number of mafia members that he has. So even if you are both in the same level of expertise in the game, the dominant player is the one that has the more number of mafia members. If he his mafia family is bigger, he wins the game. Mafia Wars in a gist is a game wherein you strength is dictated by the mafia members you have. Common sense follows that you will not dare attack a rival who has more members than you and you sort out your easy target right on the list.

Knowing this simple tactic of how the game is ruled makes it a drag already to play it. (Those who are only having a good time attacking helpless rival mafia player probably are the ones who truly enjoy the game – and most probably these people have brain the size of pea.)

Right now, there is a recent change on how the game Mafia Wars is played by its millions of followers. The robbing option was scrapped off the program. The only heavy activity that makes this an exciting game is by attacking rival mafia players. But as I said, nobody will dare attack somebody that is stronger than you. To attack him is complete imbecility.

Now, several mafia players ask the question now as to why Zynga still offers bonuses such as mutt whose main function is to repel robbery attacks. What’s the use now of this boost when there is no robbery happening in the first place, when robbery is no longer a choice to do in the game.

The decision to throw away the option of robbery in the Mafia Wars diminishes the excitement of the game, say 75%. First and foremost, there is no more heist you can pull off against another rival player. It also rob (no pun intended) you of the defensive feeling to protect your properties from other gamers. The act of acquiring real estates and mega casinos and other properties is almost a senseless acquisition that is going nowhere but fooling your ego that you are moving up in terms of expertise when it comes to playing the game.

During these last week, I barely use my stamina when its sole purpose is to attack easy prey on the fight list. The game becomes a complete drag. Though it is true that you still have an option of using your stamina as a hitman, the option still does not make the game alluring.

When I wrote Mafia Wars: Strategy and Perspective, which suits the mogul type of player of the game, I thought of abandoning already the idea of playing the game until I reach a respectable level. I thought, there is no longer any excitement that the game brings to me when I’ve already mapped out on a macro-level the intelligent ways on how to play it. I will just continue to step on a higher level but no rival player can no longer thrash me or whack me with great effect.

And now that Zynga dropped the idea of robbery happening against mafia players, the game is turned into a senseless clicking of the mouse that waste the time and energy of Mafia Wars players. Instead of letting the game evolve into an intricate maneuvering amidst the possibility of attacks and robbery, Zynga listened to those whiners who cannot handle the fact that if you want to build your mogul empire, you should have the capacity to acquire your wealth and protect it too.

Hey, Zynga, you should pay me for this valuable commentary on your very successful game. Let’s say just give me 100 mutts for boosts and let it be a décor on my profile page. What’d you think?


soubiyuki said...

Well said. It's a bit irritating to know that all the effort I put into making money and buying property, building its defenses, not to mention the joy of stealing from others, is all for naught. Vaulting and receiving robbery-related boosts, too, is completely pointless.

I'm curious if they plan to somehow incorporate the new New York businesses into current gameplay and not just for new users. I REFUSE to start playing this over again after all the trouble I went through to build my current character. I'd rather just stop playing altogether.

YuriGligoric 6.0 said...

As I have said in the post following this one, I just collect my property revenue and buy more properties. Though I just spend around 2 minutes visiting the game these days, I still keep my fingers crossed that Zynga will eventually bring the robbery option back.

K said...

Peripatetic Mind??? Aristotle wouldn't have written blogs about Mafia Wars. He certainly wouldn't go on about the stupidity of others with "pea" brains in a blabbering rant filled to the brim with piss-poor grammar and misspellings about a FREE videogame on a social networking site. Next time you decide to publicly purge your "pea" filled head on a blog try swallowing your forehead instead.

YuriGligoric 6.0 said...

the bold and the furious K. who cares about aristotle? grammatical errors and misspellings? lol... it's pure yakking in one swift speed-writing so expect that. "'pea' filled brain? lol... or is it pea-filled brain instead. I will try your suggestion but i want to see you do it first... hahahahaha... the bold and the furious K, hiding behind a letter... create your own blog and let's see what've you got... tell me if you have already created one... and see how deep and profound you really K, you are making me laugh right now... you're one hell of a joker... hahahahahaha...

YuriGligoric 6.0 said...
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