Saturday, August 29, 2009

Check out 2006 Writer’s Blog Anthology by Deborah Woehr

It is not my practice to advertise personal accomplishment here in my blog and would rather prefer to talk about the lessons that I learn as I plod on my journey to become a good writer. But I would take this instance as an exception. Sometimes, it helps the writing spirit to pamper the ego and give it a light tap on the shoulder.

I barely succeeded in shaking off my morning sleepiness with a mug of strong, black coffee when Lil Feather broke to me a news – or rather a discovery. She said with enthusiasm that my blog (this blog) was included in a foreign blog anthology. Now, that was really something new. As my juice or writing stamina to write in my blog tends to wane during these past years, the news was a wakeup call that there is a mine of literary mysticism that lays dormant in this blog.

But going to the blog anthology where this humble blog was included. The title of the book is 2006 Writer’s Blog Anthology by Deborah Woer. Three years late it maybe to my knowledge, it still smells fresh as something done just yesterday. My blog graced the book by occupying 8 or more glorious pages.

This blog anthology is a collection of post by writers during the early boom of the blogging phenomenon. And, sure as happy as hell, I’m glad that I was a part of that early years when blogging was pure online space for the writer to hone his writing skills.

Go and get one!

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