Saturday, February 19, 2005

And Then There was Blog

And then there was blog. After several months of repressing the thought over the lost of my personal journal – consisted of essays, personal anecdotes, experimental speed-typing and display of story-telling prowess – that spans a ten-year vigorous effort to keep on writing, finally there came something that would handle the safe-keeping of my scribbling. There would be no queasy feeling over a sneaking hacker attempting to delete it. Second, it would be in the net. And for a bonus, the chance to be read by possible readers.

Of course I have heard of blogs before. Read about it on cyber conversations of net freaks. But it came to me something like a bulletin board where members put on their thoughts about a subject. The exact definition of it was as blurred as one would see a fish in murky water. Its usefulness was beyond my understanding.

To make the story short, as they would say it, I discovered it only now, late but not all together useless.

This discovery while surfing the net, straying from the chatrooms that throughout my net-life have been my primary cyber experience, pulled me up from slouching too much on my seat. I thought, “Drat! I’ve been so laid-back for so long. Time to do some work now. Time to do some writings. Time to have fun again.”

The thought also of being read, even by people half-away around the world, was a motivation. There could be no greater thing than be read by people. “And have you remember your motive when you started writing your journal?” I heard my inner-self asking me. “Yes, it is for the people to read the things I write,” I replied.

So, for the readers out there, as it is also for myself, wait for some marvelous writings I would post on this blog.

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